Art Phillips

General Manager

As General Manager of Video Arts Studios, Art sets the standard for his team, by wearing many hats. Art is a “people person” a “problem solver” and an “idea man” all rolled into one passionate professional. Many of the best ideas at Video Arts Studios, originate in Art’s initial conversation with a client.

Art was born in Long Island, NY but grew up in Fargo, ND. He started playing drums in a rock band in 8th grade and is still drumming today.

Art worked at a TV station as the Creative Director before starting Video Arts Studios, where he still writes, directs and produces. Art believes in surrounding himself with the best of professionals and pushing the limits of creativity and production. He has banned the phrase “it’s good enough” from the work place.

Art’s love of film and music is readily apparent in his work and serves as an inspiration for those he leads as well. Art was one of the original founders of the Fargo Film Festival and has served on the Fargo Theater board of directors as well as the North Dakota Film Commission. He has won numerous awards in the director’s chair including honors from Houston International Film Festival, Telly Awards, American Advertising Federation and the New York Film Festival. He was a Best Director finalist at the International Teleproduction Society Monitor Awards. Art has also been presented with the Silver Medal Award by the American Advertising Federation of North Dakota for outstanding contributions in the field of advertising, and the Fargo Film Festival’s Ted M. Larson Award, honoring his outstanding and longtime commitment to film.

Aimee Mitchell

Project Manager

Aimee’s love of people is the secret to her job success as a Project Manager for Video Arts Studios. She already knows half of the folks in town, and won’t be happy until she meets the rest.

Aimee grew up in Bismarck, North Dakota and moved to Fargo/Moorhead to attend college at Minnesota State University Moorhead, graduating with a degree in communications. She is an active member of the North Dakota Professional Communicators and American Advertising Federation of North Dakota.

Aimee keeps in constant contact with her clients and production team from a project’s start to finish, with a keen eye trained on customer service. As a working mother of two little ones, prioritizing “needs” over “wants” comes as second nature to Aimee. She skillfully weaves clients’ and crews’ preferences with practicality, as she steers a project to completion. Aimee relishes the task of keeping a project on the budget path and meeting the deadline, while surpassing a client’s expectations of execution and quality.

Aimee insists that the hard work she and her team put in is worth it when a client fills her in on the positive feedback they receive on the completed project.

Marty Halgrimson

Directory of Photography/Audio Engineer

An award winning videographer, a composer and player of original music, a brilliant lighting and sound designer, Marty Halgrimson has and does what it takes to add art to advertising.

Marty grew up in Denver but moved to the Fargo / Moorhead area where he graduated from high school, and went on to earn a degree in Music Industry and Business administration from Minnesota State University Moorhead.

He began his career of artistic endeavors by touring as a professional musician for 8 years, doing everything from writing and performing music to stage lighting and managing the band’s finances.

Never one to stay still, Marty widened his creative labors to include the visual arts, studying lighting and videography. In time his skill and experience gained him the position of Director of Photography for Video Arts Studios.

Marty’s earlier musical experience has also helped him excel as a composer of original music and audio designer and editor or Video Arts Studios’ clients.

Whether he’s shooting, composing, or editing, Marty does whatever it takes to send his clients home satisfied and smiling.

Jim Kirwan


Jim is known as a creative “idea man” who brings many skills to his role of Writer/Producer at Video Arts Studios.

Jim Kirwan grew up on the East coast in Connecticut but settled in Duluth, Minnesota after graduating from St. John’s University with a degree in Fine Arts.

Starting his career as an art director, Jim then moved up to writer and producer and eventually Creative Director. Before coming to Video Arts, Jim has worked for over 20 years managing the Creative and Promotion departments for NBC, CBS, FOX and PBS television affiliates. His successful career path took him from Duluth MN, to Syracuse NY and eventually to Chicago IL, picking up extensive and valuable marketing training from the different affiliates and station groups along the way.

Although Jim is chiefly a writer/ producer of both short and long form videos, his strong art background and talent for drawing also gives Jim the ability to storyboard his concepts for clients and crew to easily comprehend, as well as develop and design characters and backgrounds for animation.

Jim is known for his creative touch, believing that the best advertising not only sells but also entertains. His commercial work has been honored by many advertising awards, including multiple Emmys from the number one (New York) and number three (Chicago) television markets. Jim has also been awarded and recognized by the New York and Illinois State Broadcaster awards, as well as a New York Film Festival Award.

John Shea

Audio Engineer

John serves so many production roles that he would be best described as the Swiss army knife in Video Arts Studios’ creative toolbox.

A local talent, John grew up in Grand Forks, North Dakota. After graduating from Red River High School he went on to attend college and get his BFA in Music Industry with an emphasis in Digital Audio and Multimedia from Minnesota State University Moorhead.

John records both studio and location audio for voice over, music and Foley. He knows his way around almost anything digital, so he keeps busy with Video Arts Studios’ Digital Information Management, Transfer, and Storage. John also puts his technical acumen to good use by helping unify multiple video sources in order to streamline the recording process.

Although he is a skilled technical multi-tasker, the most appreciated contribution John brings to a production, is the smiling and joyful manner he performs the serious professional work he does for the clients of Video Arts Studios. 

Scott Tostenrud


Scott has experience with all three phases of production: pre-production, filming and editing and post-production. In addition to his background in film, Scott also has an extensive knowledge of hardware and technical equipment having served as an audio/visual equipment technician for Minnesota State University Moorhead.

Robyn Thorvilson

Office Manager

Office Manager Robyn Thorvilson is likely to be the first voice you hear when you call Video Arts Studios, just as she is most likely be first person you see when you drop in for a visit. Robyn, however manages a great deal more for Video arts than just the front desk and phones. That’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Robyn grew up in Grand Forks, North Dakota and graduated with a degree in accounting. She became the office manager for North Dakota PTA and later moved to Fargo, she took on the office manager role for Century 21 Gold Key Realty in Fargo.

Now she brings her well-trained and time-tested organizational skills to the benefit of Video Arts Studios and our clients. A working mother of three, Robyn knows a thing or two about working out conflicts to the mutual benefit of all parties.

From scheduling, to billing, timesheets to work orders, Robyn efficiently tackles them all, lending her enviable talents for organization to the business side of Video Arts Studios.

If you have a question, Robyn will find out the answer. If you have a problem, she’ll see that it gets solved. At home and at the office, Robyn is always quick to take on the task of making things easier for others

Linda Schott


While most of us at Video Arts Studios wile away our 9 to 5, immersed in the world of audio and video, Linda spends her days with her nose in the books. That’s because Linda’s chief role at Video Arts Studios is that of the company’s bookkeeper.

Linda grew up on a farm near Gackle, North Dakota. After graduating high school she went on to attend college and get a degree from Whapeton State School of Science.

Linda’s office training set her on a career path that saw her working in bookkeeping for Western Union in Dallas Texas for 16 years, for ABC Seamless for 8 years. Then she decided to work for herself, and became an independent bookkeeper. It is in that capacity that she joined Video Arts Studios as our part time bookkeeper, a position she has filled for 10 years.

Linda’s vast experience hasn’t derailed her from keeping an open mind on how to best tackle a problem. In fact, one of her strongest skills is how quickly she can become an old hand with new technology. Linda balances the books and reconciles accounts using the latest computers and software, making sure our financial office is up to date on the latest accounting procedures and systems.

Linda is definitely an asset in the plus column for Video Arts Studios.