January 2015

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Video Arts Studios

Do you know the best defense the Fargo Police Department has against crime? YOU! The recent PSA’s Video Arts Studios produced for the Fargo Police Department show how the community is kept safe with everyone’s help. Just paying attention to your surroundings and contacting the police if you see anything suspicious helps reduce crime.

Gratitude was the key word for the public service campaign.  Writer/Producer Jim Kirwan wrote both scripts with that word in mind. The first spot gives the police the opportunity to thank the community and the second spot gives the community the opportunity to thank the police. Director of Photography, Marty Halgrimson, captured officers in their work environment throughout the summer and early winter. Fargo has over 150 officers staffing the police department and each one takes their job of protecting our community seriously.

The mission statement of the Fargo Police Department is to strive to provide the citizens of Fargo quality service and a secure community. Take a look at their Public Service Campaign.




Integreon recently unveiled its new and expanded Global Delivery Center in Fargo as part of their global facility expansion.  As a worldwide company, Integreon CEO Bob Gogel wanted to capture and stream the event to their 2,200 Associates and over 250 clients.

Video Arts Studios was contacted to help them achieve this goal.  As Gogel stated, “Our clients are some of the largest corporations and top law firms across the globe, and our Associates work out of delivery centers in the U.S., U.K., South Africa, India, China and the Philippines. We are very proud and excited to have opened this new center, and wanted to be sure to share the excitement with our Clients and Associates.”

Video Arts Studios





As the days led up the event, the Video Arts team worked closely with Integreon Project Manager Carrie Haug to ensure the event went smoothly. Site visits and planning meetings with Integreon’s IT team proved to be the keys to success.

The morning opened with a ribbon cutting ceremony attended by more than 150 people including state and local officials, members of the business community, news media and many Integreon Associates.  Speaking at the event were Gogel, North Dakota Lieutenant Governor Drew Wrigley and North Dakota Tax Commissioner Ryan Rauschenberger.
Video Arts’ Marty Halgrimson, Director of Photography, and John Shea, Audio Engineer, captured the video and audio stream for the satellite feed.  Congratulations to Integreon on their new center!



Moorhead Community Voices was the brainchild of the FM Area Foundation to learn from Moorhead residents what they love about Moorhead, what should be changed and new ideas to make the community better.  Courtney Larson of the FM Area Foundation asked Video Arts Studios to be a part of the project for documenting and highlighting information.

 Video Arts Studios
Our crew recorded each of the focus groups held this past fall.  From the raw footage, Courtney and her team were able to capture the highlights and ideas from each community meeting.  This was followed up by interviews of participants by the Video Arts camera crew, Director of Photography Marty Halgrimson and Audio Engineer John Shea.  Combining stunning footage of Moorhead throughout the seasons and interviews of focus group participants, Editor Caleb Kerlin and Producer Jim Kirwan were able to condense the information into a concise presentation.

Comments were contributed by many Moorhead residents and the information gathered will be used to form work groups to facilitate change.  Take a look at the video to hear what Moorhead Community Voices have to say.


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