March 2015

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When a family member is struggling with addiction, the entire family is going to suffer.  Deb Soliah, Executive Director of ShareHouse Foundation, asked Video Arts Studios to create a TV commercial with a clear message: Addiction can happen in any family.

Video Arts Studios

Jim Kirwan directed the young family of actors to show how they are dealing with the stress of addiction. The home scenes were shot to give a real-life vision of what happens behind closed doors. Trying to cover up addiction and putting off the decision to get help only adds to the struggle. You can almost see the weight lifted off the man’s shoulders as he finally makes the call to ask for help.

Director of Photography, Marty Halgrimson, visually captured the feelings of helplessness and resignation. Editor Sam Claeys edited the television commercial to the haunting soundtrack to show the viewer where to find help. “ShareHouse – Trusted for Recovery. We’re waiting for your call“.

We are proud to be part of this important message for people needing help in their recovery.

Video Arts Studios

We were both excited and flattered when Algorithme Pharma, an Altasciences company, headquartered in Quebec, Canada, reached out to Video Arts Studios to create a promotional video for Algorithme Pharma USA, their recently opened sister company located in Fargo, ND. Because of the distance between our two businesses, the initial project meetings took place over the telephone and by email, but that proved to be no hindrance.

Altasciences’ Director of Communications and Marketing, Amy Sikora, laid out her storyboard for the video piece to General Manager Art Phillips and Project Manager Aimee Mitchell. The goal was to create a promotional video of Algorithme Pharma USA’s Fargo facility to share with the company’s pharma and biotech clients worldwide. Amy wanted the video to provide a quick profile of the convenient, attractive, spacious and well-equipped facility, as well as its staff of industry leaders.

After a preliminary site tour, a shot list, schedule and production planning, we were ready to go!  Amy Sikora came into town and met the Video Arts Studio crew at the Fargo facility. Amy and her Fargo colleagues coordinated staff and the various rooms for Director of Photography Marty Halgrimson, Audio Engineer John Shea and Producer Jim Kirwan to get the needed shots.

Once the field production team gathered all the necessary video footage, Jim and editor Sam Claeys got together to assemble the video.  Pleased with the final outcome, Amy Sikora and her staff have already started utilizing their new marketing video.

“The Video Arts Studios team was a joy to work with: flexible, professional, thorough, and efficient. They made for a painless project; there were only a few initial edits and they were done very quickly. Video Arts Studios delivered a final product that met our needs perfectly. I have already received a lot of positive feedback on the video.” 

The Road to Little Rock Showcase

Video Arts Studios

The Emmy Award winning Documentary, The Road to Little Rock, produced by Video Arts Studios, Fargo, showcased  on Sunday, March 22, at the 2015 Peace on Earth Film Festival (POEFF) at the Chicago Cultural Center’s Claudia Cassidy Theater.

During the “Restoring Justice” segment of the festival, The Road to Little Rock and other selected films showcased areas of nonviolence, tolerance and social justice – with corresponding panels and filmmaker Q&As.  The documentary tells the courageous story of nine determined Little Rock, Arkansas teenagers and North Dakota Federal Judge Ronald Davies.  Judge Davies followed the law, ignored political pressure and required the school district in Little Rock to integrate. The actions of the Little Rock Nine and Judge Davies would change the course of the civil rights movement and public school education in the United States.  This video was produced as part of an interactive curriculum produced in collaboration with Fargo Public Schools and is being used in North Dakota and Arkansas schools.

Peace On Earth Film Festival (POEFF) is a not-for-profit festival established to celebrate and encourage the work of independent filmmakers from around the world on the themes of peace, nonviolence, social justice and eco-balance. POEFF aims to contribute to a culture of peace through international cinema, dialogue and programming highlighting individuals on the vanguard of peace activism and social change. POEFF endeavors to enlighten and empower individuals, families, and communities to step out of the ignorance of conflict, violence and divisiveness, into the light of communication, consideration, tolerance and understanding.


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